50% - Digital sales 

20% - Age preference
10% - Physical sales
10% - Live show preference on Mnet
5% - Global fan votes 
5% - SMS voting (Only for top 3)

How to vote: (Opens between Friday 11AM to Monday 9AM)

1 ❯ Head to the M Countdown’s website and to the voting poll
2 ❯ Scroll down and find Nine Muses on the list of songs
3 ❯ Tick on the box next to Nine Muses’ song and scroll down to the blue ‘VOTING’ button
4 ❯ You will be asked to create or log in to your account of Mnet. You can also sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. 
❯ If international SMS doesn’t work, try an application which will enable you to send international SMS



70% - Physical and Digital sales
10% - Youtube views
10% - Board of viewers’ vote
10% - SMS votes

Youtube Views:

❯ You must be watching from Nine Muses’ Official Youtube channel
❯ Do not forward, pause the music video when streaming it
❯ Do not refresh the music video to rewatch, press the replay button once finished streaming once

SMS Voting:

RULE: You must be voting for two different artists AND voting must be done during the broadcast.

❯ Your vote must be casted in hangul and a comma must be made between the two artists (e.g 나인뮤지스,XXXX)
❯ You can only vote once with the number 00820505. Any further duplicate voting will deduce votes from the overall score 



50% - Digital sales (Gaon chart)
30% - SNS 
20% - Voting

Voting 1:

❯ Download the MN TV Application (Apple | Android)
Follow these steps to vote for Nine Muses on Inkigayo (cr to bapyessirfansite)

Voting 2:

Use the hashtag #나인뮤지스 on your tweets to cast votes. One hastag on a tweet = 1 vote (do this during the broadcast)


45% Digital sales (Melon)

10% Physical sales (Hanteo)
15% Ranking from netizens
15% Ranking from professionals in music industry 
15% Points on MBC music broadcast 


cr to absoluteMBLAQ

*further changes may be made to this post*

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