ryanshek96 asked: Wait what is happening? Why are eunji and Rama there?

They performed at the university Eunji goes to, and she and Rana went to support them!


14.09.18 | Nine Muses at Konkuk University Festival



14.09.18 | Nine Muses at Konkuk University Festival

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14.09.18 | Nine Muses at Konkuk University Festival

source: Nine Muses Twitter

*9muses with former member’s Eunji and Rana

Anonymous asked: Does Sojin have Instagram or twitter?

I haven’t found any D:

[INFO] Kyungri & Euaerin cast in drama ” Love Big Bang” (연애빅뱅)!

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Nine Muses Click and Drag Game !

Anonymous asked: You know what pisses me? Sera posting all these vids and covers. Like why? I get that music will be part of her life forever, and probably she didn't like the way things were with management, so maybe that's why she didn't renew the contract. But like it's bullshit. I want her back in Muses, and being the greatest, and not making all these lousy covers. Because her trying to be this indie hipster piano you tube chick... No. I'mma need her to be fierce again and work the stage like she did.


cuties (´▽`ʃƪ)

Anonymous asked: could sera come back to the group

I mean, in theory she could???

Since she decided not to renew her contract. And I’m sure SE tried to get her to stay/would take her back in a heartbeat.

And it’s not like girl’s leaving a returning isn’t a new concept to them (erin leaving for japan and coming back 3 months later)

But I wouldn’t hold my breath

Anonymous asked: Is Sojin joining the group?

We have no confirmation on that :/

[PERF] 140914 NASTY NASTY- Knock @ Inkigayo

[RYUTUBE] Practice Vid- Ryu Sera

Well I learned guitar in high school and stopped playing cause there was some idol girl group nail care issues ^_^ lol and so Im still a beginner .. Anyways I wanted to share the great view ‘-‘


Orion Swing Chip China TV Commercial AD 2014

Anonymous asked: Is Hyuna leader or not?

no, they dont have a leader