[AUDIO] 140901 Good Morning Pops - Sera Cut

- My mines run dry.
(내 광산이 고갈됐어.)

- Why am I holding on?
(왜 난 아직도 붙잡고 있는 걸까요?)

- I can’t believe we’re starting a new semester.
(새 학기가 시작된다니 믿기지가 않아.)

[OFFICIAL] NASTY NASTY- “Knock” (White Ver.) MV Teaser

Anonymous asked: In the Primadonna Album, Barostar is listed as choreographer, but I honestly don´t know about Glue ^^ But most probably too.

Thank you!

I think the only songs he didn’t choreograph was NEWS and DOLLS

Anonymous asked: Eunji closed her instagram or it was hacked???

Neither, she changed the user name to Eunvely_Park

[CUT] 140831 NASTY NASTY- Inkigayo ‘Next Week’ Teaser

네스티네스티 D-3 ! 여러분이 궁금해하시는 소진이의 셀카를 공개합니다. 곧 여러분의 마음에 (똑똑) 노크 하겠습니다~

#네스티네스티 #소진 #셀카 #노크 #네스티네스티소진 #네스티네스티노크 

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Anonymous asked: Who was their choreographer for "Glue" and "Gun"? Was it Barostar?

if i remember correctly we never got an official confirmation on whether he choreographed those two songs. I think he did because some of the choreo has been recycled/inspired from some of this of choreos. If anyone knows anything about it let me know!


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[CUTS] 140819 tvN’s “Nine Boy”- Minha Cuts

Sojin with Jewelry’s Semi and 9muses’ Hyemi

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[OFFICIAL] NASTY NASTY- Kyungri + Sojin Teaser

[RYUTUBE] Ryu Sera- me talking