[CUTS] 141018 KBS Lord of Ratings- Euaerin Cuts

[AUDIO] 스무살 - 지워지지 않는 11자리 번호 ft. Moon Hyuna of 9muses

reaksmey2412 asked: Do you know the title of the song at the end of the documentary? (82 mn vers.)

"Yet" - Jewelry

Anonymous asked: Can't we do anything to bring our OT9 back?

Realistically, no.

[DOCUMENTARY] “9muses of Star Empire” Full Documentary

was that necessary

Anonymous asked: hi do you know where to purchase the full documentary?

I posted a link not too long ago, if you scroll down a bit on the tumblr page you will see it. i would link but im on mobile D:

Anonymous asked: Is there two different documentaries because the one on youtube doesn't show Hyemi and Erine being hurt or the Sera say,"No one treats me like a human being."

There is!

The one on Youtube is a heavily cut ver of the Documentary.

Then the one for purchase is the full version.

Anonymous asked: Is the link for the documentary still working? I got to the directed site only to find a "403-Forbidden" message...

this link? still works for me


because it’s still #HappySeraDay here 

Anonymous asked: Why 9muses don't perform "Gun" anymore?

Besides having 3 less members, it’s the chair set up. It’s kind of inconvient considering they have a whole set they can perform without chairs. Even when they were 9 they only performed GUN outside of music shows a couple of times :P


Strong girl who had leaded Nine Muses, yet so Sweet she melts out hearts

Enchanting voice that charms. Always Enthusiast to learn new things.

Radiant beauty, just seeing her smile Rejuvenates my soul.

Awe-inspiring. An Angel loved by everyone.

Thank you for being born. Happy birthday.