[CUT] 140723 Weekly Idol- 9muses, AOA Preview


Naver Music Special - It Girl MV making with Kyungri


Naver Music Special - It Girl MV making with Kyungri (2)

[MISC] Homme- “It Girl” MV ft. 9muses Kyungri

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[BTS] Euaerin for Star1 Magazine

[BTS] Euaerin for Star1 Magazine

[BTS] Euaerin for Star1 Magazine

Anonymous asked: so they will comeback this august or ?

Unsure. They are preparing for an August comeback but it might be delayed if they can not find new members.

Anonymous asked: i think the thing that is making it harder to find new members is the height requirement, as they said in the documentary it's hard finding tall girls who can sing and dance. the new members are going to face a lot of pressure since they are expected to be "outstanding" and to fill in the shoes of the former members

I agree. SE has to be really careful on who they add in (even though it’s not necessary). It’s not as simple as a “Hyuna, Kyungri, Sungah” addition this one is more important after losing such a key member to the group.

Anonymous asked: Star Empire is NOT having trouble finding new members. This is a biased "fans" problem. Which you are giving to much space here.

And you know that how? Do you work for Star Empire?

It was reported on in a news article. All that was stated in the post was just merely translated. Don’t shoot the messengers.

Anonymous asked: Was/is there anyone who is left-handed in the group?

Kyungri is ambidexterous but the rest are right handed!

[News] Troubles over recruiting members ahead of next month’s comeback


Ahead of their scheduled comeback, girlgroup Nine Muses is having repeated difficulties with recruiting new members.

With the official announcement of “graduation”, Lee Sem and Eunji left the Nine Muses team in January. Sera, too, left the group when her contract with Star Empire expired in June. Following these events, Nine Muses is now a 6-membered group comprised of the remaining Hyuna, Euaerin, Minha, Hyemi, Kyungri, and Sungah.

With regards to this, Star Empire has stated that the present situation is “1~2 members will be added to fill the positions and to prepare for a comeback in August”. However, until a new member is able to be added, there are plenty of other factors that need to be taken into consideration and the final decision is being postponed.

As for the fans who passionately support Nine Muses, they are mostly of the opinion that “There is no need for any new members”. Additionally, it cannot be ignored that there is the possibility that there will be a clash of roles with existing members. Yet, the agency’s viewpoint is that taking risks with chances is inevitable; even amidst uncertain circumstances, tightening up the group’s capabilities with an outstanding new member is necessary so that the group can achieve even greater heights.

Presently, the preferred number of reserve members is 2. Whether in the areas of dancing or singing, they will have talents unique to themselves, and the agency is convinced that it will be an upgrade to the team. Furthermore, it was planned for to have the concept of “the freedom to leave if they wish” since debut, so this is a situation in which the recruitment of new members should be viewed with understanding. However, as the number of passionate fans has grown large in the 4 years since the group’s debut, it is necessary to take time to persuade these fans of the situation. Previously in the situation of KARA, following the departure of Nicole and Kang Jiyoung and the announcement of recruiting new members, there was backlash from a portion of fans. Even so, with the scouting of an outstanding member who had the looks and talent, the objections also ceased - this case merits consideration from others in the entertainment industry.

Source: Sports Donga. Translated by pyoblem. 

Anonymous asked: Do you know who usually decides the girls' lines in their songs? Is it Sweetune? Star Empire? or the girls themselves?

I think I remember watching ZE:A do this, but most likely they run through the song and choose which lines will best suit the girl’s abilities and assign them from there.