[CUTS] 140819 tvN’s “Nine Boy”- Minha Cuts

Sojin with Jewelry’s Semi and 9muses’ Hyemi

cr. Semi’s instagram

[OFFICIAL] NASTY NASTY- Kyungri + Sojin Teaser

[RYUTUBE] Ryu Sera- me talking


[INFO] Sera’s 28th Birthday Support

The admins at Sera’s Official Fan Cafe are taking letters, personal gifts and donations for Sera’s upcoming birthday. You can mail in your letters or post them at http://cafe.daum.net/rysera103. The deadline to send in your contribution is September 27. If you have any concerns or questions (like where to send in your gifts) please mention @happyseraday on twitter for address and further information. 
Anonymous asked: Omg Sojin is really tall! on the first teaser photo she was almost taller than kevin. Ok. She will be a muse.

Kevin is 180cm lol I don’t think she’s that tall most likely she was standing on something. But I think she will be about Kyungri’s height!

[INFO] Sojin is a 1991 liner.
She was born on October, the 11th. Her surname is Jo! 




Nasty Nasty - Knock Teaser - Kyungri
Anonymous asked: are there any information on what position sojin would be in the group?

Probably vocal? No Info though :/

MCountdown 'Nasty Nasty' Debut Stage Teaser! cr:갱을위한갱생


[KYUNGRI] 네스티네스티 D-6 !!!!!!! 우린 잠깐 시간이나서 맛있는 아이스크림을 먹으러왔다요



140823 SBS Star King Kyungri & Hyemi cut